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Nuun Electrolyte Enhanced Drink Tablets


  • nuun will improve your ride
  • Whether youre cycling to work or out on a long weekend ride, you need to stay hydrated
  • Its not as easy as it sounds as water doesnt put back everything you lose. By not replacing the right electrolytes it can be hard to concentrate, and you may suffer from fatigue and muscle cramps
  • nuun helps you manage hydration by putting back in what you lose. Just drop a tablet into water, wait 60 seconds and you have a light refreshing drink
  • All nuun tablets are great tasting - encouraging you to hydrate more offer
  • nuun contains 720 mg of sodium per litre of water, exactly the amount that research from the American College of Sports Medicine recommends
  • nuun is just electrolytes it is not a source of sugar or carbs, which allows cyclists to independently manage energy needs with their favourite choice, be it bars, gels, bananas, or brownies
  • nuun is light and refreshing with no sugar and is non-sticky so its great in bottles and hydration packs

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