Kryptonite Bike Shepherd Bike Id Kit - Ralph Colman Cycles

Kryptonite Bike Shepherd Bike Id Kit


  • The Kryptonite Bike Shepherd ID tag provides cyclists with a FREE global bike registration service designed to reduce bike theft and aid recovery
  • Using mobile technology and social networking, Bike Shepherd offers cyclists new ways to protect and recover their bikes, if stolen
  • Cyclists register their bike at no cost on the Bike Shepherd website at
  • The Kryptonite Bike Shepherd ID tag is a unique, tamper-resistant, weatherproof ID tag that includes a QR code used to identify a bikes status
  • Any person with a smartphone and a free 2D barcode application can scan a tagged bicycle
  • The scanned tag links directly to that bike in the secure Bike Shepherd database, and provides the status of the bike
  • If a bike is listed as stolen, Bike Shepherd publishes this information on the site and uses social networking tools to spread the word
  • Localized Stolen Bike Alerts are sent to Bike Shepherds followers on Facebook and Twitter, the bike owner, local authorities, bike shops and cycling clubs

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