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Hovding Airbag Helmet


Hovding is the world's first airbag for cyclists and is the result of intensive research since 2005. Through advanced sensors, Hövding can sense the cyclist's movement patterns and will react in case of an accident. The unique airbag will then inflate, fixate your neck and provide the world's best shock absorption.


The airbag is designed like a hood and made in an ultra-strong nylon fabric that won't rip when scraped against the ground. Hövding protects nearly all of the head, while leaving the field of vision open.

The inflated airbag covers a much larger area than a traditional cycle helmet and is designed according to current accident statistics. The protection is greatest where it is needed most and the airbag provides extremely soft and gentle shock absorption. The pressure remains constant for several seconds, making it able to withstand multiple head impacts during the same accident. After that the airbag slowly starts to deflate.

The gas inflator that inflates the airbag is placed in a holder in the collar on the cyclist's back. Hövding's gas inflator is a so called cold gas inflator that uses helium.


Hövding is available in three collar sizes: Small (S), Medium (M) and Large (L). In terms of operation, it makes no difference whether your Hövding is tight or loose around your neck. The collar sizes that are currently available (S, M, L) are adapted to the same head size range: 52-59 cm in circumference. Choose the size that feels best.

  • Small is recommended for neck sizes of less than 36 cm.
  • Medium is recommended for neck sizes of 34–42 cm.
  • Large is recommended for neck sizes of 38–45 cm.

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