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Full BikeFit Gift Voucher


Purchase the gift of Power and Comfort. This entitles the bearer a Full BikeFit. Once purchased we will provide you with a voucher code for our online booking system to give to the recipient.

Whether commuter, professional racer or Sunday rider, a BikeFit should be an integral tool to any frequent cyclist.

A custom fit of how your bike is set up is just that: a custom fit just for you.  What a BikeFit can do for you depends on what you want and can address one or more of…

  • Increased Power
  • Improve Aerodynamics
  • Alleviate Pain
  • Improve Comfort


Please note codes are generated overnight and there may be a short delay in receiving codes if email delivery is selected. Postal vouchers are subject to the usual postage delays.

The Process

This follows the process used by the Trek race team. It takes about 120 minutes, costs £120 and splits into two vital parts:

1. Initial interview: off the bike we …

  • Discuss the rider’s fitness, aims and goals
  • Capture sports history
  • Discuss injury history
  • We test for limitations in flexibility, core strength and other factors

Once we know what the rider wants to gain from a fit, we work from the ground up to make worthwhile changes where needed. 

2. Tailored bike setup: with rider on their bike we

Check and adjust

  • cleats positioning for optimum lateral and for/aft positioning
  • pedal stroke for stability adjustment
  • body position via seat height, stem position and other things to deliver
      • efficiency in pedal stroke
      • balanced centre of mass
      • comfort by being within the individual’s flexibility limits

The result is a better riding position tailored to meet what the rider wants, whether that is a more aerodynamic position, an end to back pain or simply to be more efficient on the bike.


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