Wilier Performance Progress Lab Evening - 22nd April 2016 - Ralph Colman Cycles

Wilier PPL Performance Progess Lab

Evening Talk - Friday April 22nd

"You don't know your limits until you test them."
This is the key message from Wilier Performance Progress Lab - specialists in getting the best out your body. Learn how to stop fighting your body and ride with it instead. 
During the 45 minute presentation you'll learn about:
  • Overtraining and how it hinders progression
  • Lactate Thresholds - working with the body rather than against it
  • Improving muscle recruitment - increase efficiency and delaying fatigue

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Wilier PPL will also be offering Lactate Threshold Analysis Sessions on Saturday April 23rd.

The rider cycles on a static Watt Bike, with finger prick blood tests being taken every couple of minutes. The intensity is stepped up until lactic acid begins to accumulate - this is your lactic threshold. This threshold is a key metric to start proper training - be it power or heart rate based. Don't miss this chance to start your training on the right foot!
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Don't let your body let your bike down.

Wilier Demo Day - Saturday 23rd April

Looking for a new road bike? Ride 2016 Wilier road bikes including the GTR SL, Cento1 and Zero.7 with us and Wilier PPL. Come ride for free in one or more guided rides at:
  • 9.30
  • 12 noon
  • 14.30

You must bring a helmet and suitable riding shoes. Please bring your own pedals if you wish. Book online below to guarantee your place