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Workshop Service Types

Service Promise

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Service types

Service One - £30 or FREE*
Safety Service

*Free annually with bikes bought from us over £400!
Need more? Swap to a higher service and save £30

1. Wheels & tyres
  • check both wheel hubs and adjust if necessary
  • check wheels are straight; including 5 mins adjustment if necessary
  • check tyres for wear 
  • re inflate tyres to appropriate pressure
2. Crank, pedals & gears (excludes hub gears)
  • check bottom bracket (between pedals) for inappropriate movement
  • check wear on chainset, chain and rear cassette 
  • lubricate as necessary chainset, chain and rear cassette
  • adjust gears for smoother operation 
3. Brakes
  • align brakes for improved efficiency
  • check brake cables and adjust if necessary
4. Check headset (below handlebars) and adjust if necessary
5. Check tension in nuts and bolts across bike

Service Two - £60
Degrease Service (Eco friendly)

All elements of Service One plus more love to your drive train

6. Strip
  • cranks (pedal arms)
  • chain
  • cassette (rear gears)
  • front and rear gear shift mechanisms 
7. Degrease all parts using solvent free eco-friendly process
8. Refit and lubricate all parts
9. Re-index gears

Service Three - £80
Bearings Package

Service One + Service Two + something extra:
Everything from Service One and Two plus ONE of either:

10.Headset (below handle bars) Service - strip, check, degrease, refit and lubricate, OR

11.Bottom bracket (between pedals) Service - strip, check, degrease, refit and lubricate, OR

12.Front & Rear Hub Service (excluding hub gears) - strip, check, degrease, refit and lubricate

Service Four - £110
Full Service

Everything that your bike deserves. If it could choose, it'd pick this.

All elements of Services One and Two plus ALL options of Service Three i.e. elements 10 plus 11 plus 12.