Ralph Colman SellMyBike Terms and Conditions - Ralph Colman Cycles

Ralph Colman SellMyBike Terms and Conditions

Ralph Colman SellMyBike scheme’s Terms & Conditions are listed below.

The customer's bike to be sold ("The Bike") must:

  • be owned by the person presenting the bike to be sold. Proof of ownership may be required
  • be in a condition to be safe to ride. Any unsafe or dangerous bikes will not be accepted
  • be of normal configuration including (but not limited to) having two wheels, be designed for a single person, not be outside normal length, height and / or weight.

The upfront cost of checking the bike over ("The Fee") must be paid for before the bicycle is put up for sale. No refunds are possible for this Fee. This Fee is £25.

All bikes are sold via eBay using an auction format. We do not set a reserve price. Whilst we will endeavor to seek the highest price possible for The Bike, we cannot guarantee a selling price - please consider this before agreeing for the bike to be sold via SellMyBike.

The full selling price for The Bike (i.e. the price that the buyer pays for The Bike) will be given to the Seller in the form of store credit - no cash will be refunded. This store credit can be used as cash for anything from the store, including labour. Any and all costs and fees for selling The Bike will be paid for by Ralph Colman Cycles.