Cashback on Everything - get up to 40% purchase price back - Ralph Colman Cycles

Cashback on Everything

How it works

  1. Select your purchase
    Example - Cashback offer is in store only so Mr Smith comes in and chooses a waterproof jacket for £150 with 40% cashback
  2. Pay as normal
    Mr Smith pays £150 as usual
  3. Get cashback as store credit
    We add £60 to Mr Smith's customer account - or set one up for free if he doesn't have one.
  4. Spend your credit 
    Store credit can be used on a day after the date of the original purchase.  So later Mr Smith buys a £70 helmet. We apply his £60 store credit and he pays only £10! 

*Terms and conditions

  • Cashback applies to full price purchases on items of £5 or more.
  • Cashback is given as store credit and requires customer to have an account. No account? No problem, we can create one - free of charge.  
  • Cashback does not apply to purchases using 0% finance, cycle to work schemes or in conjunction with any other offer.
  • Store credit earned with this Cashback offer can be used on anything (except workshop labour) but must be taken at their original SRP price, regardless of whether they are on a promotion or discount.
  • Cashback can be used on any day after the cashback was earned and before 31 March 2019, at which time the store credit will expire.