Mr Crud Road Racer Mudguard Mk2 Pair - Ralph Colman Cycles

Mr Crud Road Racer Mudguard Mk2 Pair


  • The best selling Crud Road Racer gets even better with the MK2 version.
  • The Road Racer ultra-light mudguard is now tougher with extended coverage
  • Innovative fitting system allows the Road Racer to be fitted on bikes with exceptionally close clearance where traditional mudguards simply won't go
  • Incredibly flexible plastic blade and breakaway fittings prevent a wheel locking should a foreign object get caught between the mudguard and the wheel or frame
  • In-built and replaceable pile brushes allow the guard to 'hover' close to the tyre without rubbing, and negate the need for tough, heavy fittings and keeps the mudguard guard central over the wheel
  • Minimalist design looks good on even the most high end Road
  • Made in the U.K.
  • 180 grams
  • Colour: Black

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